Teen Rooster's 'arrogant' move sours win

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Roosters rookie Sam Walker pulled disconnected a bizarre final-minute play successful the Bulldogs clash that near nine large Boyd Cordner shaking his caput and Balmain fable Garry Jack stunned.

The 19-year-old halfback received the footy heavy successful Bulldogs territory with 21 seconds near connected the timepiece and performed an contiguous '180', turning his backmost connected Canterbury's defence and hurtling 85 metres successful the incorrect direction, yet moving the shot into touch.

The baffling play that capped a 22-16 Roosters triumph astatine Bankwest Stadium has since raised questions of Walker's gamesmanship.

"This is ridiculous! I don't cognize whether Trent Robinson is each that impressed with that," said Fox League commentator Andrew Voss.

"That is simply a small arrogant, the play to decorativeness the match, taking a small spot of 'you cognize what' retired of the effort that was enactment successful by the 2 sides tonight."

But Tricolours manager Trent Robinson didn't person an contented with Walker's determination erstwhile asked astir it successful his property conference, adjacent aft 1 writer questioned if the determination had gone against halfway Roosters values, including respect for the opposition.

"Sammy, he's smart. He knows each the clip connected the timepiece ... It's a antithetic play and I deliberation everyone volition person their sentiment connected it," Robinson said with a grin.

"He knows however to negociate everything and he's learning however to play each the pugnacious parts of the crippled and past each the astute parts of the crippled tin travel connected the backmost of that.

"It's astute to negociate the timepiece but it goes against what purists would say.

"But helium took the hazard retired of the past play and finished the crippled off."

Walker gave his ain mentation of the transition of play.

"I was thinking, 'I'm not going to instrumentality a tract extremity and springiness them different accidental with the footy'," Walker laughed.

"I thought I'd tally the timepiece out."

Former Kangaroos and Blues fullback Jack labelled Walker's play "a encephalon explosion".

Walker's determination possibly disrespected Canterbury's tenacious combat passim the game.

While Trent Barrett's Bulldogs are moving past connected the ladder and person won conscionable 2 of their 16 games, they clawed backmost from 10 points down to level scores up astatine 16-all successful the 49th minute.

The Tricolours closed retired the triumph done a Matt Ikuvalu effort successful the 52nd infinitesimal and a Walker punishment extremity successful the 76th minute, the effect of a head-high Jack Hetherington tackle.

Bulldogs fullback Nick Meaney and Roosters front-rower Jared Waerea-Hargreaves shingle hands aft the match. (Getty)

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