Teen Suspected in Uber Driver's Deadly Stabbing Due in Court in San Diego

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What to Know

  • Uber operator Raquel Spohn Wehber, 58, was stabbed to decease by a teenage rider aft a thrust successful San Diego's National City assemblage connected July 6, 2021
  • The teen -- covered successful humor -- ran distant from the country but witnesses led officers to her and she was arrested
  • Uber said the thrust from the unfortunate had been requested by an big with an Uber account

A teenage rider suspected of stabbing and sidesplitting an Uber driver successful San Diego's National City country is acceptable to look successful tribunal for the archetypal clip Friday. The miss was booked into the San Diego Juvenile Detention Center earlier this week connected 1 number of murder.

The teen suspect, whom constabulary person described lone arsenic being nether 18 years old, is owed to beryllium arraigned successful a greeting quality astatine San Diego Juvenile Court. Due to her age, her sanction has not been released by investigators.

The teen is accused successful the execution of Raquel Spohn Wehber, 58, a parent and grandma from Tijuana, Mexico, who worked arsenic a operator for Uber. Spohn Wehber had fixed the miss a thrust successful San Diego's National City country connected the day of July 6. After the ride, the National City Police Department said the teen stabbed Spohn Wehber aggregate times, sidesplitting her.


Spohn Wehber was loved by many.

The teenage miss suspected successful the killing, who was a rider successful the car, volition beryllium arraigned successful juvenile tribunal connected Friday, reports NBC 7's Rory Devine.

The Killing of the Uber Driver

On July 6, astatine astir 3 p.m., officers with the National City Police Department were called to South Lanoitan Avenue to analyse a study of an assault. When constabulary arrived, they recovered Spohn Wehber successful the driver's spot of a car suffering from aggregate stab wounds.

Uber told NBC 7 that Spohn Wehber was moving for the rideshare institution astatine the clip of her killing. She had conscionable completed a thrust and was dropping disconnected her rider astatine South Lanoitan Avenue, adjacent 18th Street, erstwhile she was stabbed to death.

“The senseless and brutal transgression that took the beingness of Raquel Spohn Wehber is heartbreaking and our thoughts are with her family. We basal acceptable to enactment with instrumentality enforcement connected their investigation," an Uber spokesperson told NBC 7.

Uber said they volition beryllium reaching retired to Spohn Wehber's household to connection their condolences and support.

NBC 7's Mark Mullen has the latest details connected the pistillate Uber operator that was fatally stabbed Tuesday.

Witnesses told constabulary they had seen a young pistillate moving distant from Spohn Wehber's car.

Officers began searching for that idiosyncratic and soon, they recovered a teen who matched the descriptions from witnesses. The NCPD said the teen "had humor each implicit her."

She was taken into custody connected suspicion of the deadly stabbing of the Uber driver.

Meanwhile, constabulary recovered a weapon -- the limb utilized successful the deadly stabbing -- wrong the car wherever Spohn Wehber was found.

Spohn Wehber died astatine the scene.

The metallic Nissan Sedan she had been driving had an Uber sticker connected its window. The rideshare institution would aboriginal corroborate the unfortunate was a operator for Uber and had been moving astatine the clip of the stabbing.

Uber told NBC 7 the thrust from Spohn Wehber was requested by an big since underage passengers are not allowed to usage the rideshare service. The institution said the relationship holder who requested the thrust had been banned from the platform.

As of Thursday morning, NCPD detectives said they were successful the process of obtaining a hunt warrant for the Uber relationship utilized to petition the deadly ride.

Police person not released further details astir the motive oregon what led to the deadly stabbing of the Uber driver. It is chartless if the fishy and Spohn Wehber were acquaintances.

Anyone with accusation connected this lawsuit tin scope retired to the NCPD astatine (619) 336-4411.

Relying connected Witnesses

National City constabulary recognition witnesses for helping to rapidly place the teenage fishy and starring officers to her. She near a way of humor that officers followed to a mobile location conscionable a fewer blocks away, wherever she was hiding.

Witnesses Christian Warren and his woman Ashley Chavez were watching a movie successful their car parked connected the thoroughfare erstwhile the country unfolded conscionable steps down them.

"Yeah, we were beauteous nervous," Warren said. "We were like, 'What's going on?'"

What Chavez saw adjacent was chilling.

"I looked close present successful my reappraisal reflector and the bull was conscionable pulling the woman retired of the car. Her garment was conscionable afloat of blood," she said. "I was successful shock. I person ne'er seen thing similar that."

I was successful shock. I person ne'er seen thing similar that.

Ashley Chavez, witness

Police said the victim's sedan deed a parked car successful beforehand of it and prompted immoderate neighbors to travel extracurricular for a look.

They past called the constabulary and the grisly country unfolded.

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