'Tell me how's that's fair': Brown blasts NRL bubble

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Warriors manager Nathan Brown has taken purpose astatine the NRL implicit its handling of subordinate breaches and on-field refereeing pursuing New Zealand's 20-12 nonaccomplishment astatine the hands of Cronulla today.

Following the announcement contiguous that 12 NRL teams would relocate to Queensland adjacent week arsenic NSW battles a increasing outbreak of COVID-19 successful the state, Brown was asked to springiness his sentiment connected the matter, with the Warriors haven't spent astir 2 years overseas to support the contention running.

While the Warriors manager supported the decision, helium took purpose astatine the NRL's one-game punishments handed down towards 12 Dragons players, who were sanctioned past week for breaching the NRL's bubble protocols by attending the amerciable location enactment of teammate Paul Vaughan.

Brown made peculiar notation of however Warriors duo Euan Aitken and Josh Curran, on with the Sharks centre Will Chambers, were forced into 14 time isolation periods owed to unintentional breaches, to which helium questioned the fairness compared to those who deliberately flaunted the protocols.

"What different players bash astatine different clubs is not my concern," Brown told reports aft the match.

NRL forced to determination teams to Queensland

"My biggest contented however they determine however agelong blokes get stood down for.

"We got 2 blokes who are successful our starting broadside who haven't played for 2 weeks due to the fact that they caught an aeroplane, who had idiosyncratic crook [with COVID-19].

"Then each the blokes from the Saints get 1 week. You bash the incorrect happening you get a week, you bash the close happening with what Will Chambers did and you get 2 weeks.

"Tell maine however that's fair? I cognize what rugby league isn't a just crippled astatine times... I conscionable don't get however you bash the close happening and get 2 weeks and bash the incorrect happening and get 1 game."

Warriors manager Nathan Brown (NRL)

Brown past rapidly turned his attraction to the authorities of officiating today, with his broadside connected the incorrect extremity of the punishment number by conceding 11 to conscionable 5 from Cronulla.

He claims helium doesn't "understand what the rules are anymore", with "poor" officiating crueling his broadside successful caller times, successful which helium besides took astatine the mode his broadside was refereed during last week's Golden Point nonaccomplishment to the Dragons.

"There were a batch of yardage penalties that went against america [today]," helium said.

"We worked truly hard to enactment successful the crippled and footwear it down, past we get penalised connected tackle 4 oregon three. There was a large series of those today.

"I thought the refereeing, and I've complained each year, I thought the referring was truly mediocre today.

"I'm astatine a nonaccomplishment to what the rules are present aft the mode past week was referred and the mode this week was refereed.

NRL Highlights: The Sharks outplay the Warriors for an important triumph - Round 17

"I thought the mode the crippled was refereed didn't assistance america physique immoderate pressure. I'm not saying we didn't bash things wrong, but I don't recognize what the rules are anymore. I'm lost.

"The momentum swings disconnected the backmost of that are huge. The plaything of the momentum of the crippled is big.

"I'm going to interest astir [getting clarity from the NRL].

"I haven't complained each year, but I wanted to constituent to contiguous due to the fact that we haven't complained and contiguous we got the incorrect extremity of the instrumentality connected a fewer occasions."

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