The Couples’ Guide to Vibrators

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Here’s the deal: Any vibrator is simply a couples’ vibrator if you privation it to be. Most vibrators don’t person singular prescriptive functions—they’re meant for exploration, for enhanced pleasure, for play.

To paraphrase a trusted enactment therapist, partnered enactment works champion erstwhile each idiosyncratic takes work for their ain intersexual desires. Introducing toys into your enactment beingness tin beryllium a profoundly satisfying look of this principle.

Below, our existent favorites, organized by needs and desires.

For Hands-Free Exploration

Designed for spouse sex, Eva II has flexible “wings” that are meant to beryllium tucked nether the labia to assistance clasp the vibrator successful spot truthful that each hands are escaped to enactment assemblage value oregon bash immoderate other you’d similar them to. It mightiness instrumentality immoderate signifier and adjusting to find the close position—pull 1 labium (lip) implicit 1 helping astatine a time.

  1. Dame Products EVA II VIBRATOR  goop, $135

    Dame Products EVA II VIBRATOR goop, $135


Tilt is designed with pleasance for each genders successful mind: It has 2 independently controlled motors—one successful the plug extremity for stimulation of the G-spot oregon the prostate, and different connected the longer, outer limb that tin beryllium utilized to stimulate the clitoris oregon the perineum. The sensation of the vibrations isn’t similar a emblematic buzzing; it’s much of a heavy thrumming, radiating sensation. It lies precise level to the assemblage erstwhile it’s inserted—and it’s designed to stay successful spot arsenic you explore. (Bonus: It has a warming function, which increases humor flow, making it easier to unbend and yet climax.)

  1. Lora DiCarlo TILT goop, $140

    Lora DiCarlo TILT goop, $140


For Remote Control

The We-Vibe Chorus has 2 chiseled heads; you descent the smaller 1 into the vagina and the larger 1 rests against the vulva and clitoris. The smaller, interior caput is unobtrusive and tin beryllium worn comfortably during penetrative sex. To set the Chorus’s vibrations, you tin property the controls connected the larger caput oregon compression the accompanying distant control, which reacts to your hand’s unit to physique intensity. Or springiness that distant to your spouse and fto them instrumentality a crook astatine pressing your buttons. This acceptable comes with the Womanizer Premium, a clitoral stimulator that uses pulses of aerial to make a sucking sensation (it’s 1 of our top 5 bestselling vibrators for a reason).

  1. Womanizer GOLDEN MOMENTS COLLECTION goop, $299

    Womanizer GOLDEN MOMENTS COLLECTION goop, $299


For When Penetrative Sex Feels Too Deep

Ohnut is designed to customize depth. You simply stack the 4 modular rings and acceptable them astir the basal of the penis of the penetrating spouse (or astir your artifact of choice) to signifier a soft, compressible buffer. It doesn’t sacrifice pleasant sensations for either partner—each ringing is squishy and stretchy and feels similar skin. We urge starting with 3 and adjusting up to 4 oregon down to 2 from there.

  1. Ohnut OHNUT goop, $65

    Ohnut OHNUT goop, $65


For Exploring Erogenous Zones

Made to stimulate delicate spots each implicit the body, the We-Vibe Touch X is simply a versatile vibrator that fits nicely successful your—or your partner’s—hand. Take a peek astatine the shallow cupful connected its head: You tin property the full happening against your vulva for broader sensation oregon usage the ridge for targeted stimulation of the clitoris oregon nipples.

  1. We-Vibe TOUCH X goop, $99

    We-Vibe TOUCH X goop, $99


Think of the French Lover arsenic a 2nd tongue. The flexible extremity lightly vibrates and tin beryllium flicked astir to simulate a delicate licking sensation. It’s large for a teasing buildup, for beginners, oregon for those who are much delicate to beardown pressure.

  1. Smile Makers THE FRENCH LOVER goop, $60

    Smile Makers THE FRENCH LOVER goop, $60


Finger vibrators, similar the Fin, are designed to beryllium effortless, to consciousness earthy to wear, and not to distract from the moment. Just descent your pointer and mediate fingers on the grooves and alteration the strength with the powerfulness fastener on top.

  1. Dame Products FIN VIBRATOR goop, $85

    Dame Products FIN VIBRATOR goop, $85


For Clitoral Stimulation

Sila is simply a clitoral vibrator that ne'er makes interaction with the clitoris itself. It has an extra-wide rima that cups implicit the full caput of the clitoris, utilizing gentle sonic waves that make pulsation and suction.

  1. LELO SILA VIBRATOR goop, $169

    LELO SILA VIBRATOR goop, $169


Wands supply a rumbly, almighty outer vibration, which is bully for those who request much stimulation to get off. Our Double-Sided Wand Vibrator does that with its wonder-ball end, and more: The different extremity is slim and flexible for precise clitoral vibration, arsenic good arsenic exploration of the vaginal opening. (You tin besides usage the slim extremity to penetrate 1 to 3 inches; it feels particularly bully pressed against the vagina’s beforehand wall.)

  1. goop Wellness DOUBLE-SIDED WAND VIBRATOR goop, $95

    goop Wellness DOUBLE-SIDED WAND VIBRATOR goop, $95


For Erotic Massage

This plant-based massage oil—a blend of safflower, sunflower, grape-seed, and jojoba oils—has conscionable the close magnitude of gaffe and doesn’t soak into the tegument excessively fast. It’s silky-smooth and beauteous each connected its own. But it’s adjacent amended mildly warmed up successful the Pulse Warmer. Just popular a pod into the warmer, property a button, hold a minute, and clasp your fingers nether the dispenser for 2 seconds; it delivers a uniformly measured dollop into your fingers. (It’s superb for lube, too—Pulse makes pods with a clean water-based lubricant.) The warmer automatically turns disconnected an hr aft past use, and it has a locking relation truthful it ne'er goes disconnected erstwhile you don’t privation it to.

  1. Pulse SPOIL ME MASSAGE OIL PULSE POD  goop, $30



For Communication and Intimacy

Designed to beryllium picked up close aft sex, each introduction successful this diary prompts you and your spouse to reflect—first separately, past together—on what felt best, what you each privation retired of play, and however you’re increasing together. If talking astir enactment ever feels awkward, the diary includes a usher to managing those feelings, too. End goal? Greater openness, a spot of silliness, and immoderate enjoyable sex.

  1. A Sex Journal A SEX JOURNAL FOR COUPLES goop, $26

    A Sex Journal A SEX JOURNAL FOR COUPLES goop, $26


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