The question that made 'obnoxious' Bryson snap

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Bryson DeChambeau got a small abbreviated with play journalists astatine a property league up of his quality astatine The Open Championship astatine Royal St George's.

The big-hitting American nicknamed 'The Mad Scientist' for his physics-inspired attack to the crippled was not pleased with 1 writer questioning his etiquette, claiming helium had failed to outcry "Fore!" aft errant shots.

While DeChambeau is renowned for his quality to thrust par 4s and acceptable up eagles connected par 5s, a fewer of his tee shots person been wayward astatine times too.

Bryson DeChambeau astatine The Open (Getty)

"Over the past fewer months we've watched you motorboat a fewer drives into a fewer crowds and you don't look to outcry 'Fore' - I'm conscionable wondering wherefore you don't?" a Scottish newsman asked DeChambeau.

"I bash outcry 'Fore'," helium replied.

"I don't cognize what you're talking about. There are plentifulness of radical connected the tee container that bash outcry 'fore.'

"You're bringing up a precise arguable thing, which is unfortunate. But 99 percent of the clip I bash [shout], and unluckily radical deliberation I don't.

"But that's OK, they tin accidental immoderate they want."

It was 1 of the fewer questions the 27-year-old received that didn't impact his rival Brooks Koepka with their ongoing feud continuing to captivate play fans.

At 1 constituent a newsman was adjacent heard mistakenly calling DeChambeau 'Brooks'.

Earlier Koepka confirmed successful his British Open property league determination was nary uncertainty astir his disdain forDeChambeau.

When asked however Koepka would attack being US teammates successful the Ryder Cup successful September with DeChambeau, the effect was telling.

"You realise it's lone a week, right?" Koepka said.

"I mean, look, I tin enactment it speech for business. If we're going to beryllium connected the aforesaid team, I tin woody with anybody successful the satellite for a week.

"I'm not playing with him. I'm beauteous definite we're not going to beryllium paired together, enactment it that way."

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