Things to Do This Weekend in San Diego

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There's ever thing amusive to bash successful America's Finest City (especially present that San Diego County is afloat reopened). Our Weekend Events usher is present to help. Get up. Get out. Play!

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Saturday, July 10

She Fest's Flagship astatine the Flagpole
1 p.m. to 6 p.m., Hillcrest Flagpole Celebrating the spot of assemblage and the joyousness of love? That’s a longtime contented astatine each lawsuit that happens during San Diego Pride, and respective in-person gatherings are acceptable for their much-anticipated instrumentality successful the coming days. There’s the Pride 5K, the Unite Music Festival, and tons more. Getting the multi-day enactment started connected July 10? She Fest’s Flagship astatine the Flagpole, astatine the Hillcrest Flagpole. The archetypal portion of the time volition beryllium done successful virtual mode, starting astatine 11 a.m., portion the fest volition alteration into an in-person solemnisation from 1 to 6 o’clock connected July 10. Admission is free.

San Diego's world-famous pridefulness solemnisation is going to look a batch similar the Prides of old. NBC 7's Dave Summers explains.

"Frozen II" Screening
Dusk, Poway Community Park
Autumn isn’t rather connected the upwind yet, but you tin measurement into an ensorcelled swirl of colorful leaves, and the adventuresome satellite of Elsa, Anna, Kristof, and Olaf, too, by riding your steed to Poway Community Park. The animated Disney diagnostic is portion of San Diego's escaped Summer Movies successful the Park series, and families are invited to amusement with blankets, picnics, and their favourite Sven stuffie for a cozy open-air viewing experience. How to bash “The Next Right Thing”? Just sojourn this site for much info connected this family-tastic movie night, which is arsenic escaped arsenic a troll’s omniscient advice.

Interstellar Vibration: A Cosmic Sound Voyage
7:30 p.m., The Fleet Science Center
Cosmic blockbusters ever look to athletics a rocking soundtrack, and yet our ain acquisition of the stars supra tin often beryllium filled with silence. That soundlessness is surely sweet, but what if you could immerse yourself successful a shimmering soundscape portion relaxing beneath a tract of twinkling stars? You tin by joining a “multi-sensory experience” astatine the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater astatine the Fleet Science Center successful Balboa Park. No spacesuit is required, conscionable a tendency to unite the tone of a dependable bath with a tract of spectacular stars dotting the dome. Tickets are $35 to $50.

High Tide Dinner
High tide is astatine 9:58 p.m., The Marine Room successful La Jolla
Supporting your favourite supper-perfecting places arsenic they reopen, rev up, and reconnect with loyal and brand-new guests? It’s been a extremity of galore radical implicit the summertime of 2021. One spot made for sumptuous supping, and a amusement created by quality itself, is The Marine Room, a longtime La Jolla favorite. That show? It’s the precocious tide, which makes for a melodramatic backdrop to your eating experience. But if you cognize your tides, you cognize that the crashing-spraying spectaculars don't hap each night. But the tide shall beryllium precocious aboriginal successful the evening connected July 10, truthful publication your array now. Dinner prices vary; springiness the paper a look earlier reserving.

Pups X Playas Pop-up
11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Puppy Picnic Co., 2850 Womble Rd.
Does your canine walk plentifulness of clip romping on the sand? Make for Liberty Station and an ocean-cool pop-up, 1 that’s afloat of ceramics, planters, and much from Good Waves. There’s a Build Your Own Picnic Station, too, if that tempts, and plentifulness of pup-centered buying opportunities, should you beryllium seeking tags and accessories with a "Baja-vibe" for your #1 bestie. Stay astatine Liberty Station and person a brew, soak successful immoderate beams, and wile distant a Saturday day with your fave tail-wagger. It’s escaped to see, but purchases, of course, are additional, woof woof.

Now that San Diego County has afloat reopened, here's a look astatine what to expect erstwhile you sojourn Balboa Park this summer.

The Scene

Sunday, July 11

San Diego Pride Resilient Community March
11 a.m., 6th and Upas streets successful Balboa Park
The bonds, friendships, and soulfully saccharine "hellos" experienced astatine a Pride parade are memorable, but aft a twelvemonth away, the connections look adjacent much meaningful and heart-true. This won’t beryllium the elephantine San Diego Pride Parade from years gone by, owed to the circumstances, but the joyousness astatine this on-the-move gathering volition beryllium ohio truthful present. The way has changed a bit, too: You’ll conscionable successful Balboa Park with an end-point astatine the Pride emblem successful Hillcrest. Organizers invitation each participants to enactment successful the country aft and enactment section LGBTQ-owned businesses. Joining the march? It’s free.

Nighttime Zoo
Hours vary, with galore philharmonic performances opening astir 4 p.m., San Diego Zoo
Are you inactive coming down from the Ferris instrumentality highs and fabric candy rushes of the San Diego County Fair? It tin instrumentality immoderate clip to bid farewell to the after-hours, snack-it-up, see-some-wonders fun. But wait: San Diego Zoo's beloved Nighttime Zoo continues, giving america truthful galore of those fair-style feels. Those feels travel from the large-scale carnal puppets of "Jambo!" to quality meet-and-greets to the energetic acrobatics of "Bounce Back to the Outback." An big 1-day walk to the zoo is $62, portion children ages 3-11 tin participate for $52.

We recap each you request to cognize astir heading backmost to the San Diego since the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

Bastille Day Celebration
2 p.m., House of France astatine Balboa Park
Raising a solid of vino, breaking into a rousing song, and viva-ing each sorts of celebratory aspects of life? Those are but a fewer of the ooh la la hallmarks of the French holiday, which volition angiosperm astir France and beyond connected July 14. But you tin statesman your la boum early, connected the Sunday earlier the large occasion, astatine this magnifique meet-up. Chanteuse Monique Caron volition sing, people dancers volition perform, and Gordon Kohl volition summon the bellow-beautiful sounds of the accordion. It’s each free, truthful consciousness l'amour.

Spreckles Organ Concerts are returning to Balboa Park aft much than a year. NBC 7's Lauren Coronado reports.

Strawberry Picking
9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Carlsbad Strawberry Company
Beautiful berries are bursting astatine farms crossed California arsenic July reaches its sunny centerpoint, and we're loading up our bowls of crystal pick and cereal with burstable bits of effect goodness. But what if you could apical your favourite dessert with the strawberries you and your household hand-selected, picked, and brought location from Carlsbad? There’s an other tang of sweetness to that notion. Strawberry picking is present unfastened astatine the cultivation destination, which besides features a Bounceland, Sunflower Maze, and more. Admission is $5, positive an further $5 to participate the strawberry tract without a bucket oregon $10 with a bucket.

Lane Field Park Food Market
10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 1009 N. Harbor Drive
Woofing down a waffle oregon enjoying an empanada oregon quaffing thing chill successful the summertime sunshine? That sounds similar bliss, done and through, and the blissful representation grows adjacent much appetizing erstwhile you spot this picturesque country quadrate successful the mediate of a Sunday. Have you savored an outdoor nutrient marketplace yet? Summer is waning, truthful marque for the 25+ stands of grub-tastic goodies, past find a spot to bash the kick-back-relax happening nether an umbrella. It’s escaped to enter, but bash amusement with funds for food.

The ionic carousel reopened Saturday for the archetypal clip since the pandemic started. NBC 7's Omari Fleming has more.

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