Thousands Expected Saturday for Return of Bayfest at the Waterfront

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Ball games astatine Petco Park, the San Diego County Fair and, conscionable this week, the Big Bay Boom firework amusement were immoderate of the biggest events that returned to America's Finest City post--pandemic. Now, its clip to cue the music.

Bayfest 2021, with a lineup featuring Dirty Heads, Sublime With Rome, Fortunate Youth, the Aggrolites, KBong and Denm, volition marque a large noisy splash starting astatine noon connected Saturday astatine Waterfront Park extracurricular the San Diego County Administration Building.

The inaugural San Diego Bayfest kicked disconnected precocious with bully vibes galore acknowledgment to beloved reggae/rock locals Slightly Stoopid and Tribal Seeds -- ticker the SoundDiego TV video recap now!


Sublime with Rome bassist, Eric Wilson, told NBC 7 helium was blessed to beryllium backmost onstage and playing Bayfest for the archetypal time.

"I consciousness similar things are backmost to normal, similar I'm utilized to," Wilson said. "I bask playing for the fans, gathering people," helium added, "my favourite happening to perceive is however our euphony has helped radical done pugnacious times."

Wilson, who, successful existent rock-star fashion, overslept oregon his 11 a.m. telephone interview, hinted the set whitethorn play immoderate unreleased euphony tentatively dropping connected a caller medium aboriginal this summer.

Bayfest 2021 Flyer, courtesy of Mikey Beltran

It won't beryllium the archetypal gig for Wilson, who's lived connected a 17-acre dispersed successful Bonsall for the past 8 years, since the pandemic started.

"We've played a fewer shows," Wilson said. "During the pandemic, Sublime has played the drive-in shows and we played the Ozarks. That amusement was similar a mean show. A sheriff determination told maine 'We don't bash the pandemic here.' "

In fact, Sublime With Rome played 1 of those drive-in shows successful Del Mar successful October 2020. This weekend, fans volition beryllium capable to get retired of their cars and up to the stage.

Denm volition footwear disconnected the festival astatine 1:10 p.m., with DJ GreenT spinning erstwhile doors unfastened astatine noon until then.

Mikey “Beats” Beltran, a founding spouse of Bayfest, said the festival is adopting the caller authorities and region investigating and vaccination requirements for events. These changes tin beryllium recovered here. Festival-goers volition self-attest to their afloat vaccinated presumption and won't beryllium required to deterioration a mask. Non-vaccinated individuals volition request to deterioration a mask. 

Aside from high-energy philharmonic performances, the festival volition besides diagnostic section nutrient vendors, including taco stands, section bartenders pouring trade brew and trade cocktails and an assortment of section creation and vending booths. 

General-admission tickets for Bayfest 2021 are $50; VIP packages are disposable for those willing to ammunition retired $250.

Beltran said helium expects Saturday's large lawsuit to merchantability retired -- 13,000 tickets to beryllium exact. They ever accidental that, though, right? Might beryllium existent this time, though, with each that pent-up pandemic demand. Beltran said to get tickets present if you program connected attending.

"We bash person tickets near but they are selling fast," Beltran said successful an email. "We whitethorn not person immoderate astatine the door." 

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