'Threat of moving comp imminent' for NRL

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The "threat of moving the contention is imminent" for the NRL as corruption rates of the delta variant of the coronavirus proceed to turn successful Sydney.

Nine News Brisbane newsman Annie Pullar revealed the league had been warned of repercussions implicit different breach from players and was exploring possibilities of relocating the league to different state.

"Here successful Brisbane the contention has fundamentally been thrown into disarray," Pullar said.

"Essentially players surviving nether the league's strict biosecurity protocols person been told 1 much breach and they could beryllium booted present to Queensland oregon Victoria. The world is clubs are struggling to support their bubbles intact.

Peter V'landys. (Getty)

"The menace of moving the contention is imminent. What that volition look similar we simply don't know. We bash cognize contingency plans are successful place.

"Sydney-based players could determination to Brisbane oregon we could spot each 16 NRL teams moved to 1 destination to debar immoderate question oregon borderline restrictions. We volition person to support an oculus connected Covid lawsuit numbers successful NSW implicit the play due to the fact that yet that volition find what happens.

"I tin archer you discussions are underway with the Queensland authorities to question immoderate indispensable exemptions."

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