Ticketless fans storm into England's Euro final

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Chaos has deed the Euro final successful London, arsenic fans without tickets stormed Wembley Stadium to spot England instrumentality connected Italy.

After fans packed the concourse extracurricular the stadium, the ambiance boiled implicit and punters overpowered security, toppled barriers and attempted to interruption into the stadium.

"Morons. Doing their champion to ruin what should beryllium a arrogant nighttime and a large occasion," ITV Sports newsman Steve Scott posted connected Twitter alongside footage of the madness.

"Kid's crying, Wembley temporarily unopen down. Idiots, each past 1 of them."

English fans tempest Wembley. (Twitter)

Wembley Stadium said successful a connection that "there was a breach of information and a tiny radical of radical got into the stadium."

Fans could beryllium seen lasting successful the stadium vessel incapable to entree their seats.

Wembley's connection says officials "are present moving intimately with stadium stewards and information to region these people. Anyone wrong the stadium without a summons volition beryllium instantly ejected."

The 90,000-seat Wembley has a pandemic-restricted capableness of astir 67,000.

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