Two Are Killed in Arizona Firefighting Plane Crash

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The level was engaged successful aerial reconnaissance implicit the Cedar Basin occurrence erstwhile it crashed connected Saturday, the Bureau of Land Management said.

A wildfire successful  Arizona past  month.
Credit...Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, via Reuters

Austin Ramzy

July 11, 2021, 1:34 a.m. ET

Two radical who were helping to combat a wildfire successful occidental Arizona died connected Saturday erstwhile their level crashed, the Bureau of Land Management said.

The plane’s 2 unit members were performing aerial reconnaissance and bid and power implicit the Cedar Basin fire, which began connected Friday and has expanded implicit astir 300 acres adjacent Wikieup, Ariz., an unincorporated municipality astir halfway betwixt Phoenix and Las Vegas.

The Bureau of Land Management said successful a statement that it would merchandise much accusation astir the clang aft relatives of the victims had been notified. “Our hearts spell retired to the families of our brave wildland firefighters,” the connection read.

Plane crashes are 1 of the galore risks faced by radical who combat wildfires. In September, a aviator was killed erstwhile a level that was dropping retardant connected a occurrence successful Idaho crashed. Early past year, 3 Americans died erstwhile their level went down southbound of Canberra, the Australian capital, wherever they were helping to combat aggravated wildfires.

Dozens of ample blazes person raged successful Arizona and different occidental states successful caller weeks. Wildfire seasons person been getting worse due to the fact that of utmost upwind patterns and clime change.

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