V'landys' warning to misbehaving NRL players

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ARL Commision president Peter V'landys has warned NRL players that they could look extended periods distant from their families if they continued to disregard the league's biosecurity protocols.

With Sydney signaling 44 caller cases of COVID-19 and extending its lockdown connected Friday, the NRL is holding its enactment connected what benignant of lawsuit numbers the play brings, with the menace of relocating the full contention precise overmuch imminent.

After a fortnight which has seen Queensland Origin prima Jai Arrow and 13 Dragons players fined for breaching protocols, V'landys said much mishaps would permission the contention successful "disarray".

"If they abide by the protocols, they tin enactment wherever they are," V'landys said. "However, if [the corruption rate] gets worse and players aren't pursuing the protocols, we person nary enactment but to determination them due to the fact that we whitethorn suffer our exemptions.

Vaughan had his $800,000 declaration for adjacent play torn up connected Tuesday aft hosting the now-infamous enactment (Getty)

"This is the astir superior menace we've had since past year. It lone takes 1 oregon 2 positives and the full play is successful disarray."

COVID-19 outbreaks each implicit the state saw the AFL forced to concisely relocate each 8 interstate clubs to Victoria, and the NRL could beryllium forced to bash the aforesaid with its ain 15 clubs extracurricular of Victoria.

"Everything is connected the table," V'landys said erstwhile asked of relocation prospects.

"We've ever been prepared for the worst and successful the adjacent 24 to 48 hours we'll cognize which script we person to enactment up with. At the infinitesimal it's astir apt excessively aboriginal to say. Our biosecurity experts deliberation it could dispersed elsewhere.

"And if the information gets worse we're going to person marque immoderate hard decisions."

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