WATCH: Ben Carson Suggests Welfare Has Hurt Black Americans More Than Slavery

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Most of Donald Trump 2016 opponents for the Republican information fought him until the end. Ben Carson, though, capitulated earlier than the rest. And successful return, the neurosurgeon was fixed a plum presumption successful Trump’s cabinet.

As the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Carson seemed much funny successful cutting costs than really helping people. He has commonly demanded that achromatic radical propulsion themselves retired of poorness without government.

Carson continued connected this enactment of reasoning during an quality astatine this weekend’s CPAC conference. The erstwhile Trump staffer remarked, “When you look astatine what the Black assemblage has been through, spell each the mode backmost to slavery. It was the family, the beardown household units and the religion successful God that got radical done that, that got radical done Jim Crow, done terrible segregation, done each the difficulties.”

The doc closed his comments, “But what truly had a antagonistic interaction was erstwhile the authorities came on said, ‘There, there, you mediocre small thing, I’m going to instrumentality attraction of each your needs.’ And started implementing policies that were destructive to the household formation. Those are the things that person wounded the Black communities the most.”

Carson has a agelong past of putting his ft successful his rima and this seems similar conscionable different illustration of that.

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Fox Nation:

Ben Carson suggests Black families were stronger during slavery

— David Edwards (@DavidEdwards) July 11, 2021

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