Watch Us Stream Red Dead Online's New Expansion With Leo Vader

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Saddle up. Rockstar Games released its next large Red Dead Online update today, and we've called successful an adept to assistance america research this brave caller frontier. Join the Game Informer squad and erstwhile GI-video editor, existent MinnMax cohort, and YouTube sensation Leo Vader arsenic we play done Red Dead's caller "Blood Money" expansion. 

For those who mightiness not remember, Leo was some a Game Informer intern successful 2016 and our funniest video antheral betwixt 2017 and 2020. Since leaving Game Informer, he's launched a blossoming YouTube channel, afloat of well-thought-out essays astir everything from ADD, to cuss words, to ketchup. He's besides 1 of the galore contributors to MinnMax, founded by different erstwhile GI video editor, Ben Hanson.  

There's doubtful different idiosyncratic live that's a bigger instrumentality of Red Dead Online than Leo, truthful marque definite to tune successful arsenic helium guides me, Alex Van Aken, and Marcus Stewart astir this open-world cowboy epic. Make definite to inquire immoderate Game Queries astir Red Dead you whitethorn person successful the chat, and Leo volition beryllium definite to assistance you out. 

To get yourself successful the Red Dead mood, marque definite to cheque retired our 10/10 review for Red Dead Redemption 2, our recent travel the Tribeca Festival to spot the game's euphony unrecorded and in-person, and Leo's past Red Dead Online streams

Ready to travel bent out? Our watercourse is going unrecorded contiguous astatine 2 p.m. CT (3 p.m. ET) implicit connected our Twitch channel. If you're not capable to tune successful live, fearfulness not. The watercourse volition beryllium archived aboriginal implicit connected our YouTube channelIt should beryllium a amusive and goofy time. We anticipation to spot you there! If you're readying connected checking retired the enlargement for yourself, fto america cognize what you're astir excited astir down successful the comments. 

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