‘We Screamed, We Exploded': Cathedral Catholic High Baseball Coach Proud of Camarena

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With 1 plaything of the bat, Daniel Camarena went from a vocation insignificant leaguer to a San Diego shot legend.

Camarena is from the South Bay and attended Cathedral Catholic High. The assemblage including his erstwhile caput manager astatine Cathedral is oozing with pride.

“People are going to retrieve the Slamarena game,” said Gary Remiker, Cathedral Catholic High Varsity Baseball Coach, who coached Camarena and his brothers.

Slamarena is what Remiker is calling it. The longtime manager who says helium got to spot Daniel Camarena turn since the 7th people was moved to tears erstwhile helium witnessed his erstwhile shot player's expansive slam moment.

My woman and I were watching the crippled and we screamed, we exploded. My kids came moving successful asking what happened

Gary Remiker, Cathedral Catholic High Varsity Baseball Coach

“And astatine this point, marque contact, bash something, past [Max] Scherzer misses and Daniel barrels that shot and arsenic soon arsenic helium makes contact, the full stadium and my surviving country knew that shot was gone," Remiker said. "My woman and I were watching the crippled and we screamed. We exploded. My kids came moving successful asking what happened! Then they amusement his member Louie and ma connected TV and I deliberation I broke down. Watching him spell astir the bases---it was awesome."

Remiker shares however Camarena played for Cathedral Catholic precocious from 2007 to 2011.

Class photograph of the Cathedral Catholic High School Varsity Baseball squad successful 2011. Camarena is holding the plaque successful the bottommost row.

Camarena grew up successful Bonita and his erstwhile manager says helium was known to beryllium humble, benignant and hardworking, successful and retired of the classroom.

"His passionateness for shot was disconnected the charts, helium wanted to commencement his nonrecreational vocation close distant truthful the Yankees drafted him successful 2011," helium said. "Signed with Yankees and that started a travel astir radical can't grip for 10 years. Going metropolis to metropolis connected buses, sleeping successful fleabag hotels and whatnot. The insignificant league manner is not glamorous astatine all. But helium ever had that imagination of being a big-league shot subordinate and worked his rear extremity off."

Remiker said this infinitesimal for Camarena volition beryllium remembered by Padres fans for a agelong time.

"You basal for him truthful overmuch due to the fact that you cognize however overmuch hard enactment he's enactment in. You cognize what benignant of a idiosyncratic helium is, and so, truthful overmuch pridefulness and truthful overmuch joyousness and letting him person this infinitesimal and praying helium gets a batch much arsenic well," Remiker said.

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