Where to buy KTN: 500+% gains prove everyone loves kittens

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Kitten Token (KTN) has managed to rally by implicit 500% today, an astonishing summation successful specified a abbreviated play of time. Here’s wherever to bargain KTN.

Kittens are cute by each accounts, but what’s adjacent cuter is the terms enactment of Kitten Token (KTN). In conscionable the past 24 hours, KTN has rallied by much than 500%, making it 1 of the apical performers by acold successful the cryptocurrency market.

In this article, we’ll look astatine the terms enactment and fundamentals of KTN, arsenic good arsenic showing you however and wherever to bargain the coin.

How & wherever to bargain Kitten Token successful the UK and elsewhere

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What is Kitten Token?

Kitten Token is simply a meme coin whose logo is an adorable ginger and achromatic kitten. The coin’s feline mascot has pulled successful scores of investors, and KTN aims to usage this cuteness to situation for the rubric of “number 1 meme coin”. There’s pugnacious contention here, though KTN is unsocial successful that astir of its competitors are dog-related.

This has led to a saturated canine token market, with possibly excessively galore upstarts competing to overthrow Dogecoin, which inactive sits atop the bunch. Can Kitten Token’s unsocial attack sufficiently differentiate it from the battalion of crypto hounds?

Should I bargain KTN today?

KTN states connected CoinMarketCap that it plans to motorboat an NFT task soon. If this occurs successful the adjacent future, this could summation involvement successful Kitten Token. NFTs person been 1 of the hottest topics during the 2021 bull cycle, and if KTN tin successfully harvester the NFT hype with the excitement astir cute, animal-based meme coins, it could beryllium onto a winner.

At the clip of writing, KTN is priced astatine $0.000004482, up astir 580% connected the day. It has seen adjacent bigger gains precocious though, with an all-time precocious of over  $0.00003649. KTN could decidedly beryllium considered a “buy” today, fixed its proven imaginable to rally higher and its almighty momentum. Should it assertion the meme coin crown, it could precise good person a agleam future.

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