Why Did Texas Democrats Flee the State? And What Does It Mean?

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The Democratic legislators who fled to Washington to thwart the transition of a restrictive voting measurement cannot beryllium legally forced to instrumentality from retired of state.

State Representative Rafael Anchia spoke astir  voting rights alongside different   Democratic members of the Texas Legislature extracurricular  the U.S. Capitol connected  Tuesday.
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July 13, 2021, 6:47 p.m. ET

SAN ANTONIO — When Texas Democrats walked retired of the Statehouse successful precocious May, denying Republicans a quorum and thwarting transition of a restrictive voting measure, it was a melodramatic governmental determination not seen successful astir 2 decades.

They did it again this week, this clip fleeing the authorities for Washington soon aft a 30-day peculiar league to unafraid transition of the measure commenced. The measure includes restrictions connected absentee voting and bans 24-hour and drive-through voting, which drew millions of voters successful Democratic strongholds crossed the authorities successful November.

Gov. Greg Abbott has vowed that the Democrats who absconded volition look reprimands, telling Fox News, “Once they measurement backmost into the state, they volition beryllium arrested and brought backmost to the Capitol and we volition beryllium conducting business.”

On Tuesday, the Texas House voted to contented apprehension warrants to compel the lawmakers to instrumentality to Austin.

Democrats, truthful far, person not budged. Those who flew connected chartered planes to Washington signaled that they would stay determination until the peculiar league concludes. Still, what does their lack mean? And what happens next?

In short, no.

The Democrats who fled cannot beryllium legally forced to instrumentality from retired of state. While Mr. Abbott tin inquire the national authorities oregon attorneys wide from extracurricular Texas to contented orders of arrests, those who absconded are improbable to cooperate, governmental experts said.

If they were successful the state, the legislative assemblage could petition their presence, experts said. And the authorities constabulary and Texas Rangers would past person the powerfulness to apprehension them and instrumentality them to the Capitol grounds. But that is “less apt to hap if they are successful Washington,” said Mark Jones, a governmental subject prof astatine Rice University.

Still, the Democrats person to yet instrumentality home, said Brandon Rottinghaus, a governmental subject prof astatine the University of Houston. “They person jobs, they person lives, they person families.”

Once they are backmost successful the state, lawmakers tin walk resolutions to good the Democrats for each time they were gone, and they could besides instrumentality distant privileges, specified arsenic parking spaces, Mr. Rottinghaus said.


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The Republican bulk tin besides perchance censure Democrats and portion them of committee assignments. But aft the Democrats fled successful akin manner successful 2003, their Republican colleagues did not determination to punish them erstwhile the league resumed. “It was forgive and forget,” Mr. Rottinghaus said.

In the end, the Republican lawmakers “are going to get what they want,” helium added. “It’s going to instrumentality a small longer.”

When the Democrats bash yet return, they are improbable to triumph the combat implicit voting legislation. Not lone does Mr. Abbott person the powerfulness to telephone for arsenic galore peculiar sessions arsenic helium wants, but the Republicans, who clasp steadfast majorities successful some chambers, are definite to determination their docket forward.

That docket includes much than the voting restrictions, which would beryllium among the strictest successful the nation. The state’s Republicans besides privation to combat perceived “censorship” connected societal media platforms and restrict transgender athletes from competing successful schoolhouse sports connected teams that lucifer their sex identity.

For the Democrats, governmental observers say, fleeing the authorities connected Monday was much astir taking a governmental basal than bringing Republicans astir to their mode of thinking.

Julián Castro, a Democrat who was President Barack Obama’s lodging caput and a erstwhile politician of San Antonio, said the party’s champion stake astatine this constituent is to propulsion legislature Democrats to walk nationalist voting laws that would bash distant with galore of the restrictions being considered successful Austin. Congress is locked successful a combat implicit the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, some of which would question to fortify voting protections nationwide.

“What I spot coming adjacent for them is to proceed to beryllium high-profile and enactment unit connected Washington for national legislation,” Mr. Castro said. “I’m convinced they’ll enactment arsenic agelong arsenic they request to.”

Dade Phelan, the talker of the Texas House, could person directed the sergeant-at-arms to defender entrances and exits to forestall the wide exodus of Democrats. But it was improbable that helium expected lawmakers from the opposing enactment to fly for the 2nd clip successful a small much than a month, governmental experts said.

“I was really amazed that Democrats got distant with it, the mode that they did,” Mr. Rottinghaus said. “Once it happens, the baby’s been born.”

Is moving distant the past edifice for Democrats, who are outnumbered successful some chambers? And is it a maneuver they volition proceed to use?

“The Democrats are drafting a enactment successful the sand,” helium said, adding: “They don’t person immoderate different options connected the table. They are virtually and symbolically fleeing to Washington to get assistance from nationalist Democrats.”


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Mr. Jones said tactics similar breaking quorum successful specified spectacular manner mightiness bring nationalist attraction and assistance Democrats rise millions of dollars. But the determination volition yet bash small to impact legislation.

“The politician successful Texas tin telephone arsenic galore peculiar sessions arsenic helium wants,” Mr. Jones said.

The Republicans whitethorn besides person fewer options to forestall akin tactics successful the future. They request important Democratic buy-in to alteration quorum rules successful the Texas Constitution. But “you mightiness spot payback” successful the adjacent regular legislative session, Mr. Jones said. “You mightiness spot a batch less Democrats successful committee chairmanships.”

It has been a challenging twelvemonth for Democrats successful authorities legislatures crossed the country. More than 14 Republican-controlled states person passed sweeping predetermination laws that restrict voting entree successful ways that could wounded Democrats.

In Texas, a authorities that already ranks arsenic 1 of the astir hard successful which to formed a ballot, Republicans held marathon sessions regarding the voting measure successful the past fewer days of the regular league that ended successful precocious May.

The authorities includes provisions that would prohibition 24-hour voting and drive-through voting; greatly grow the authorization and autonomy of partisan canvass watchers; bounds third-party ballot collection; summation the transgression penalties for predetermination workers who tally afoul of regulations; and adhd caller elector recognition requirements for voting by mail.

This week was not the archetypal clip Texas legislators successful the number enactment fled successful an effort to artifact transition of arguable legislation. In May 2003, much than 50 House Democrats escaped to Ardmore, Okla., 30 miles northbound of the Texas border, to artifact Republicans from redrawing legislature districts.

The measurement failed without a quorum.

Two months later, aft the politician astatine the time, Rick Perry, called a peculiar session, 11 Democratic authorities senators fled to New Mexico, a 640-mile travel from Austin, to again contradict their Republican colleagues a quorum and stave disconnected redistricting efforts that they believed would wounded their party.

Most notably, successful 1979, a twelve Democratic senators known arsenic the “Killer Bees” hid for 5 days from the Republicans and Texas Rangers to forestall the Senate from reaching a quorum.

They had been objecting to a measure that aimed to make 2 primaries, 1 for the statesmanlike contention and 1 for a wide primary, which they described astatine the clip arsenic a measurement that was apt to favour the candidacy of John B. Connally, the erstwhile Texas politician who was up for the Republican statesmanlike information successful 1980. That measure aboriginal died successful the Senate.

Kitty Bennett contributed research.

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