Young San Diegans Showing High COVID-19 Cases and Low Vaccination Rates

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The propulsion to vaccinate San Diegans proceed with an purpose astatine young people, arsenic they marque up the majority of COVID-19 cases successful San Diego County and are grappling with the slowest vaccination rate. This propulsion follows the latest County report that each COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths reported successful San Diego County successful 2021 occurred among residents who are not afloat vaccinated.

"I was the archetypal 1 to instrumentality the vaccine successful each of my family," said San Ysidro High pupil Angel Morfin, 17.

Morfin admits astatine archetypal helium and his household were skeptical of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, helium said his household was fortunate done the pandemic and ne'er caught the virus.


"My friends and I would accidental we don’t privation to instrumentality it due to the fact that it's unsafe and it is not indispensable due to the fact that we're excessively young to get affected, but that was a atrocious mode to look astatine it," said Morfin.

The 17-year-old has since been vaccinated with the Pfizer changeable and is awaiting his 2nd dose adjacent week, and his efforts besides motivated his parents who volition articulation him to get their vaccine arsenic well.

"I recognize the consequences of COVID-19," said Morfin. "In bid to to sojourn my gramps and my grandma I request to get the vaccine."

For different young radical getting the vaccine was a determination that deed adjacent to location arsenic immoderate mislaid relatives to the virus.

"We did person a household subordinate that had passed distant truthful that was 1 of the reasons we got vaccinated and I made my household arsenic good get vaccinated," said Rebeca Resendiz, 23.

Resendiz mislaid her uncle to COVID-19 successful January, conscionable a mates of months shy of erstwhile helium would person been eligible for the vaccine. The 23-year-old says by March astir each of her household members were vaccinated.

"Having thing truthful idiosyncratic due to the fact that of the microorganism beryllium gone is truly oculus opening," said Resindez.

Having thing truthful idiosyncratic due to the fact that of the microorganism beryllium gone is truly oculus opening

Rebeca Resindez

Since the onset of the pandemic the property radical that has seen the astir COVID-19 cases successful San Diego region person been successful those 20 to 29 twelvemonth olds. This arsenic lone 54.6% of 20 to 29 twelvemonth olds successful the region person gotten 1 vaccine dose. Which is debased erstwhile compared to that of a akin sizeable property radical successful the region similar 60 to 69 twelvemonth olds and 88.5% person received 1 dose.

Other young radical archer NBC 7 that universities mandating the COVID-19 vaccine is motivating them to relation up their sleeves.

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