Zendaya is surprised by controversy over new 'Space Jam' look

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(CNN)Zendaya, who voices Lola Bunny successful "Space Jam: A New Legacy," is amazed by the contention implicit the redesign of Lola successful bid to marque the quality little sexualized.

"Lola [Bunny] was precise sexualized," director Malcolm D. Lee had told Entertainment Weekly of the character, backmost successful March. "This is simply a kids' movie, wherefore is she successful a harvest top? It conscionable felt unnecessary, but astatine the aforesaid clip there's a agelong past of that successful cartoons. I recognize radical don't privation things to change, but I deliberation we needed immoderate improvement with her, not by objectifying her but by making her beardown and inactive feminine."

Of the caller look Zendaya told EW she didn't recognize it was going to beryllium specified a large deal.

    "I decidedly cognize we emotion her, but I didn't cognize it was going to beryllium arsenic overmuch of a absorption arsenic it was," she said. "But I understand, due to the fact that she's a lovable character. She's precise important, truthful I get it."

      She added that she understands wherefore radical wanted to sphere Lola's look.

        "She's peculiar to a batch of radical and their childhoods and they've been capable to turn up with her, truthful I get that consciousness of protection," Zendaya said.

        "Space Jam: A New Legacy" opens July 16 successful theaters and connected HBO Max, which similar CNN is portion of WarnerMedia.

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